The new GRD studio is nearing completion!  We're all stoked to see the new GRD taking shape, with new carpet, millions of TVs, brand new mixing board, lighting,'s exhausting even thinking about!

Our engineering department, Mike and Ryan, have done an amazing job with the studio, and things are coming together nicely.

Last time, we left off with the lighting going in, the carpet, and some furniture.  This time, we get the rest of the furniture, and then the new board comes to its GRD home!

We're really excited about the new board, since it's all digital, so in case something breaks on one channel, we can just route another channel strip to take its place!  Things can move around, and the board is much safer from destruction, since the actual "brains" of the unit are in another room completely.

After getting a broken counter-top, and waiting for the new one to arrive, we got several of the strong people around the office to carry the monster into the room and drop it in place.  Then Handy Producer Steve cam in on Friday night to adjust the hole in the counter to make sure the board dropped right into place.

Next up is the finishing of the cameras, light positioning, all the audio and computer stuff for the radio gear, and then final bits!  We're hoping to be in the new study next week!