The work continues on the new digs for WGRD!  We left off last time with Hot Wings, Producer Steve, and Johnnie Walker getting together for a painting party.  The walls were nasty, so things got painted up really nicely.

Then, this week was all about carpet, TVs, lights, and some radio gear!

The LiveSpace guys came in on Tuesday to begin the work on hanging the lighting trusses that will hold not only lights, but also cameras for the new, improved Free Beer and Hot Wings video streaming.  (If that was supposed to be a secret, I'll get yelled at tomorrow.)

Once the lighting rig was installed, the carpet guys came in and began the disgusting process of removing the nastiest, vilest carpet ever removed.  Yes, ours.  Then they had the easier task of installing the new carpet tiles in the pattern you'll see below.

THEN, the LiveSpace guys came back to install all the rest of the lighting, the TVs that will be our new computer monitors, and test everything out.  There are 7 screen around the room, one will be for boring old TV, and the rest will serve many functions, including computer monitors!

Unfortunately, I'm a bit too tall for the lighting rig and lights, and I've been hearing talk around the office of shortening my legs so I'll fit.  I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable.  I know the construction is a bit pricey, but really?