The second day of the GRD Pond Hockey Classic started off a bit warmer than Day 1, and much warmer than last year!

This was both good news and bad news for the event.

Good news: A lot of people came out and took advantage of the great weather to hang out and party with GRD for the day of hockey.

Bad news because, well, that much warmth isn't really the best thing for ice.

We got most of the way through the day, but we kept sharp eyes on the ice, to make sure everyone stayed safe, and could play without any injuries.

As the day started heating up, parts of the ice began to concern us, and before the third round of games could be completely, we saw water beginning to come up through the ice. This showed us that the ice was not going to be safe much longer, so we called the games to a halt, and have postponed the final games.

This really sucks. We're as bummed about it as you are!

We will get the games rescheduled early this week, and make sure everything is great for the finals, and can crown a GRD Pond Hockey Ultimate Champion!

Until we can finish the games, you can still enjoy some video from the games played on Saturday, January 24th! Thanks for your patience and understanding!