While we respect the hard work and all that officers do, police are not always highlighted in the best manner. So in order to strengthen the relationship between cops and the community, the city of Holland will be rolling out a Police Ice Cream Truck Tuesday, 6/6.

In a news release on their website, the Holland Department of Public Safety says they've been working on "Operation Polar Patrol" for the past nine months and is ready to make its debut today at 12:45 p.m. at Holland DPS. People can stop by and take a look at the police/ice cream truck and speak with officers about the program.

With the program, cops will be riding through the streets in the truck, giving out ice cream to neighborhoods in Holland.

It is a way for us to encourage contacts between the public and the police, when there is not a complaint to investigate, or enforcement needed."

They especially want to leave a positive impact with children to show that they can trust and and interact with police. "Operation Polar Patrol" will give community members a chance to see their officers in a different light.

This is the first of it's kind in West Michigan, but with a quick search on Google it seems as if a very similar program started last month in Oak Park. Hopefully this is something that will eventually spread throughout the entire state!

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