All of our piles of snow are going to melt some day.

If it happens all at once, we could have some big problems.

It's been a fun winter for winter sports enthusiasts, but all good things must come to an end.

Hopefully it comes to a gradual end.

WZZM 13 reports:

According to the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids Office, snow depth reports across West Michigan have been in the 15- to 25-inch range. Approximately 2 to 5 inches of water is contained within the snow pack.

Meteorologist Mark Walton says: "The worst case if we were to get a rapid warm-up. It would melt all at the same time before the ice got off the rivers and that would cause ice jams.

"If you see this snow pack that is still out here, and all of a sudden we're forecasting temps in the 50s to 60s with rain on top of that, that should be your clue to pay close attention to the situation."

The odds aren't in our favor, but still hoping for the best.

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