We live in different times. Gone are the days of just letting your kids wander the neighborhood trick-or-treating to every house with their lights on.

Now, parents have to be more diligent than ever, and it's important to know that you and your family are trick-or-treating in safe areas.

That's why we've put together these maps of the areas where you might encounter sex offenders in West Michigan.

It's important to note that these maps don't include EVERYONE on the sex offender registry. These maps from City-Data.com only include the Tier II and Tier III sex offenders - those who are believed to pose the greatest risks to our communities.

Of course, it's up to parents to look into things further, if they wish. And we aren't posting these to incite any sort of witch hunt - just to inform the community.

Of course, you can always check out the full Michigan Sex Offender Registry at any time.

(If you do not see your community listed in the list below, you can check out the map here.)

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