A family from West Michigan has filed a lawsuit against Target after claims that their 12-year-old daughter was stabbed by a dirty, used needle.

The incident happened on June 2, 2019, at the Target on Clyde Park Ave. in Wyoming, when the girl was in the fitting room trying on a pair of jeans. Per MLive,

...the girl reached her hand in the pants pocket and was poked in the hand and stabbed and scratched in the leg.

The hypodermic needle was found in the pocket and according to the girl's stepmother, the needle had a liquid coming out of it. She was taken to the hospital for testing afterwards.

The family is asking for $2 million for injuries sustained and "severe emotional distress." They say they weren't planning on going that route but Target's lack of response to the situation forced them to take action.

According to MLive, Target did respond on Thursday claiming

Any alleged damages sustained by the plaintiff were proximately caused, totally or in part, by plaintiff’s negligence and/or willful acts.

The retailer has moved the case to federal court and requested a jury trial.

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