Wes Scantlin is becoming a huge joke, with stupid move after stupid move. He keeps getting arrested, and failing to act like a professional more and more.

Today's amazing story comes out of Flint. Puddle of Mudd has had a show scheduled at The Machine Shop for tonight, but apparently, Mr. Scantlin couldn't be bothered to board the plane and fly to Flint. So the Puddle of Mudd show is cancelled.

All the gear is at the venue, the other bands, and even the rest of Puddle of Mudd is on hand, but the singer just didn't make it to the airport.

If you bought tickets for the show, Etix will get you a refund, and if you're already on the way to Flint, there will still be a free show with all the other bands on the bill playing. Sour Jane, Tripp 'N' Dixie, and Ironsnake will still play. Just don't expect Wes to stumble on stage and stare at his shoes in the same room as you, he couldn't wouldn't go.

Tonight's PUDDLE OF MUDD concert was just cancelled by their management due to Wes Scanlon not getting on the plane. We...

Posted by The Machine Shop on Friday, June 19, 2015