We're officially over a week into the new year, and in case I haven't said it, welcome to 2015!

So many people are flooding into gyms right now, eating healthier, being nice to people, trying new things...the list of new year's resolutions is a long as ever.

But how many of those resolutions you made are going to stick? Sure, the gym thing lasts a few weeks, maybe a bit into February, but then you get busy, you sleep in a couple days and lose the habit...how long until you're back to the old life and then making another resolution going into 2016?

I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad at all...I'm just wondering. I've also learned to set my goals a bit lower.

It's getting longer, but it's not at ZZ Top size quite yet.

As Janna and I joked on New Year's Eve, one of my resolutions (sort of) is to see how long I can get my scraggly-ass beard to grow before I get tired or disgusted with it.

Being single has perks like that, by the way.

So far, I'm not having any trouble not cutting it off. Not doing something is so was for me, it's not even funny. I do have to shave under my chin, since I hate the way it scratches, but the rest of the beard is in full beast mode.

How many of your resolutions are still going? How many will make it through the year?

Good luck to you!