COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again in Michigan and there are a couple reasons for it and none of them have to do with increased testing.

It blows me away how people are acting like nothing is wrong and things are back to normal since businesses have been allowed to reopen but it started before Michigan was allowed to reopen.

Back in May, when other states who didn't meet the burden of lowering new cases for 14 days at the bottom of the curve, began to reopen. The first thing I noticed when that happened was that my fellow Michganders began to move about more often and I know this by the amount of traffic on 131 that I was seeing.

I have a 47-minute commute one way so I'm on the road a long time each day. I immediately saw a pick up in traffic but what I also noticed that was even more disturbing was less and less people wearing masks.

For a while, I could go to the store and everyone there had a mask on. It really felt like we were all in this together. When other states started opening and beaches were packed, bars and restaurants were opening and people were drinking together again, everyone seemed to act like the pandemic was over. Guess what? IT'S NOT!!

There is no shame in wearing a mask at all if you are a man or woman. SO PUT A DAMN MASK ON!

Its a proven fact that wearing a mask cuts down the chance of your catching COVID-19 or giving it to someone else by 50%. Those are great odds folks.

Its also a proven fact that if you are not in a large crowd people you have a much less chance of catching the virus.

Folks there is no vaccine right now, there is no sure thing treatment, so why are people partying like its 1999?

Everyone needs to face it, things are going to be different in America moving forward and you better adapt to living safely and plan on it for a long time or this thing is never going to go away.

I'm not talking about people losing their freedoms but we are in a pandemic which requires some sacrifice from everyone, not just some of us.

Don't be selfish, WEAR A DAMN MASK, limit where you go, don't gather into crowds, wash your hands often, use alcohol wipes to keeps surfaces sanitized and most importantly be smart and follow the scientists guidelines.

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