Mitch and Phil from Wayland stopped by GRD  today to update us on what's going on with the band and to invite everyone out to their charity show tonight at Yankee Springs Golf Course!

They’re raising money for the Thornapple Kellogg High School band, which is where drummer Tyler Coburn went to school!

The guys also talked about their new album, which they are recording down in Memphis now, whenever they have any spare time. They say they have about three songs left to write and hope to have everything completed in the next few months-- which is awesome, that means a new Wayland album soon!

They shared how great it is to be back home in West Michigan too! Phil says that when he woke up this morning, he just went outside and stood and looked up at the trees and took a big whiff to "smell Michigan".

Plus Mitch did a pretty sweet "movie trailer voice" to introduce their latest single Bloody Sunrise!

Check out our whole chat with Wayland above and Get more details on tonight's show here!