A woman in Flint went nuts on a district court judge after he tossed out her law suit against a dude who lied to her on their first date.

Woman Accused The Man Of "Perjury" Because He Lied To Her

The woman, identified in the court footage as QaShontae Hosomla Short-Brundide, appeared in 67th District Court to sue Richard Jordan after she said he lied to her on their first date together.

The judge, Herman Marable Jr., seemed to think she was in the wrong court to begin with, but QaShontae pressed on, eventually saying that Jordan committed perjury. The judge then tried to stop her, because perjury only happens when you're in court and under oath, not out on a date. But she persisted and eventually seemed to conjure up Jack Nicholson's Colonel Nathan Jessup character in 'A Few Good Men', yelling 'Are We Done Here?!' at him several times.

The action was captured and commented on the Wednesday edition of the You Tube show 'Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews', where the host gives some pinpoint analysis of the stupidity of the entire ordeal. The action starts at 8:21 below.

'This A Warning To Everyone Who's Out There'

In a monologue near the end of the video, the host uses this as a warning to people online dating: use the chat feature to chat with your date first, otherwise, you'll find yourself on the barrel of bats**t crazy.

"On these dating apps you can video chat ON THE APP!" he exclaims, "if they don't want to do it, a) either they don't look like their photos so they're about to catfish you, or then b) you get to cut the risk of linking up with someone as crazy as this lovely young lady!"

Another You Tuber, Tre's Unpopular Opinions also took shots at the woman, calling it "terrible and disrespectful"

The original video was initially posted to the popular web site WorldStarHipHop.

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