This weekend, Dave Grohl guested on Lars Ulrich's radio show "It's Electric", and you can watch the entire 45 minute interview here!

They talk about Dave's stage banter, and what his philosophy on talking with a crowd, and who influenced him. He cites James Hetfield, David Bowie, and more.

He also goes into the struggles to get people to like his music when they first heard it was him. He said they liked it, until he said it was all him, and then they changed their mind. Grohl goes into the motivations that led him to begin the Foo Fighters, and what drives him.

Early on in the interview, both Lars and Dave talk about the silliness of the question they always get asked as soon as a new album comes out: What's your favorite song on the new album? They talk about how they need some distance from it first...give them a couple years, and then ask that question.

Enjoy the entire interview above.

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