Ahead of GRD's End of Summer Party with 311 at GLC Live at 20 Monroe Sunday, Sept. 4, bassist P-Nut talked with WGRD's Janna about 311 making it work for 30+ years, bands he'd love to tour with, how he gets ready before a concert, and more!

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We're saying goodbye to summer in the best possible way! 311 and Tropidelic are coming to rock GLC Live at 20 Monroe on Sunday. (Don't have your tickets? Get them here!)

Concerts In Your Car's 311's' Drive-In Concert
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When it comes to bidding adieu to summer and saying hello to fall, P-Nut is all about it! He shares that he's been home all summer, soaking it up, which has been great, but it's been darn HOT, and he's ready for fall. He says,

"I've always been a fall guy, fall was always my favorite, in Omaha where we grew up. So I look forward to it every year, no matter where I live. "

311 will be playing some full album shows on their current tour, bringing back some favorite bands they've toured with before. I asked if there were any bucket-list bands he'd love to head out on the road with.

There's always an endless list... That was always my funnest warm-up was to watch the opening bands... It was amazing, to see what other artists do collectively in an audience that was mostly ours. In those beginning years, we never knew what the opening band was going to do because we were all so young at our craft and garnering a following of any size. So, the energy was there and that will to see something new, and blow off some stream, and rip in and have a great time - that's something that I've enjoyed watching other bands do and watching us do, but you know, I think Ween would fall into that list for me... We've played with Primus, that would be another one, even though we've already done it... I'd love to play with Portugal the Man, I'd love to do a ton more shows with the Deftones.

P-Nut mentioned that when watching opening bands play in the early years that's when he adopted the habit of stretching before a show. When asked about other pre-show rituals, he says,

I'm usually listening to music, either on my headphones or on the bus stereo, if I may be so bold, and I'm probably drinking a beer. Those things are my trinity of getting ready.

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On how 311 has made nearly 33 years together as a band work:

Success is definitely an easy helper. I'm sure if it had been a frustrating career in that way, it'd be hard to stick together... We got very lucky, were well-timed, we were ready for the attention when it came to us, and we've had a really good time enjoying the spotlight for as long as we have. And it's the audience that supports us of course, endlessly. It's the tens of thousands that put our first ten albums on the Billboard Top 100 album sales each time they came out. So we've been really gifted for a lot of support and I think it plays into the scene that we created around the band, and that came about because of the philosophies that we talk about tin the music as far as solving problems, and making things work as much as you can, loving the present moment, and of being OK with asking for help. Of course there's tales of misadventure in there as well, but mostly we're a positive-spin kind of band, and that's made us a unicorn in 90s bands, and we've found a long loving community.

In terms of what's coming up for the band, of course there's tour they've just kicked off. As far as new music, it doesn't sound like that's really on the agenda for 311 soon. P-Nut says,

"No, not right now. I think we're kind of still reeling from the interruption of this global pandemic, and focusing on doing shows, I think that's the most important thing we can do right now... I think all of us are staying busy, but I think coming together and writing doesn't really feel right right now. I think we need to catch our breath a little bit before we do anything like that."

KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta 2017
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In reference to the 311's upcoming Grand Rapids show, and touring in general, P-Nut shares.

It's a culture that we missed in the break... I know I have fun on stage in a way special way nowadays, and I can see it in the faces of the audience members too. So let's sweat, and cry, and dance, because that's what it's all about.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Sun, fun and tasty tunes!

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