Earlier this year, 311 bassist P-Nut announced that he planned to take a hiatus from the band after wrapping up all of their upcoming tour dates. But now, in a new statement on his social media, the rocker confirmed that his plans have changed, and he'll no longer be taking a break from the group.

According to a tweet from May, P-Nut alluded to some issues during an Instagram Live video. When a fan asked him to elaborate, he replied, "I’m planning on taking a break from the band after I fulfill my obligations, which is up to next year and slightly beyond I believe." Right around this time, 311 had announced a fall tour. A few months later, they revealed the lineup for their 2023 five-day Caribbean "311 Day" cruise, which is scheduled for mid-March.

Fans were left to speculate what led to P-Nut's decision to take a break from the band, but it's apparently now been resolved, as per a post on his social media from earlier this week.

"Hiatus avoided: with family, friends and fans reminding me why I do what I do and sitting down with the band and speaking honestly has made me feel much better about moving forward with 311," the bassist wrote on Twitter. "Forgive my drama, I am human, and I’ll be here awhile."

The musician spoke of the band's longevity during an interview with WGRD in September, noting that their success has helped along the way.

"We got very lucky, were well-timed, we were ready for the attention when it came to us, and we've had a really good time enjoying the spotlight for as long as we have," he said.

"So we've been really gifted for a lot of support and I think it plays into the scene that we created around the band, and that came about because of the philosophies that we talk about tin the music as far as solving problems, and making things work as much as you can, loving the present moment, and of being okay with asking for help. Of course there's tales of misadventure in there as well, but mostly we're a positive-spin kind of band, and that's made us a unicorn in '90s bands, and we've found a long loving community."

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