Disturbed are coming to rock Grand Rapids soon!

Ahead of the band's performance at Upheaval Festival, WGRD's Janna got to talk with Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan about their upcoming album, a new song that's on the way, and more!

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Disturbed are headlining at Upheaval Festival Saturday, July 16.

Disturbed In Concert With Three Days Grace - Las Vegas, NV
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If you don't have your tickets yet, get 'em here!

Friday July 15, we'll get to rock with Startset, Avatar, Theory of a Deadman, Mudvayne, and Breaking Benjamin!

Here's the Saturday night line up at Upheaval Fest 2022:

  • Hatebreed 5:10p.m. - Main Stage
  • Butcher Babies 6:05p.m. - Lookout Stage
  • Three Days Grace 7:10p.m. - Main Stage
  • Nothing More 8:30p.m. - Lookout Stage
  • Disturbed 9:40p.m. - Main Stage

Find the full festival lineup with set times here.

Dan Donegan is one of the founding members of Disturbed, who are based in Chicago. The guitarist shared with Janna that he was actually in West Michigan over the Fourth of July holiday to watch the fireworks over Lake Michigan.

SiriusXM Presents Disturbed Live From The Vic Theatre In Chicago
Jeff Schear, Getty Images

Dan also says that Disturbed has new music on the way! A new song is coming VERY soon. Hear Dan talk about it and the upcoming album in the interview below!

Dan shares that Disturbed began writing their new album in fall of 2021. February 2022, the band headed to Nashville to start recording, working with producer Drew Fulk.

In terms of what the new album sounds like, Dan says

[It's a] Great collaboration. I think the hunger within the band of having that time off between the previous album Evolution and that break we had during the pandemic, we were just excited to get back in the studio and have some new material, and some heavier stuff definitely, some bigger riffs and heaviness to the album... There's some good old school Disturbed in there, some of the earlier days, and the heavierness to some of the riffs and a little bit more aggression with David vocally. There's also those big melodic moments as well. We do have a semi-ballad on the album too. That I can't give away to much on that other than it was a great in-the-moment, kind of in the studio, I switched gears... and started fresh with a new idea, and it was probably a great idea to do that, because we got a really great one out of it.

As far as when we'll get to hear some of the new album - soon!

Dan says the new album will be out before the end of the year, and a new song, "Hey You", is on the way July 14!

UPDATE: On Monday, July 11, Disturbed shared a clip of the music video to social media:

Stay tuned to GRD to hear Disturbed's new song in full!

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