The ability to make snow coupled with the big "blizzard of 2022" this past weekend was a joy to Cannonsburg Ski Area owners and operators along with West Michigan Ski fans. Yes, plenty of snow and plenty of fun.


But, as we all know to well, the weather in Michigan can change on a dime, and now we're dealing with a big warmup. As temporary as it may be, the warmer air along with rain might put a damper on skiing at Cannonsburg. Right? Well, maybe not!

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Despite warming temperatures, Cannonsburg Ski Area is expecting a big weekend.

WZZM reported that Cannonsburg  is ready, according to Marketing Director Danielle Musto.

"We are ready for the weekend. The good news is that we made a lot of snow when the temperature was really cold. So, we have a huge base."

She says she's also not worried if it rains a little bit, since some drizzle is fine and skiing and snowboarding shouldn't be affected too much.

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Finally, tubing also opened, this past Wednesday night, so now everyone can enjoy tubing as well. They have a giant snow coaster that is killer, with some giant drops and other cool stuff, so tubers go back up the hill over and over again and are having a blast.

So, how can you keep track of the conditions at Cannonsburg? Musto is encouraging everyone to book their tubing reservation on the Cannonsburg website HERE, and to keep an eye on their social media for any possible changes.


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