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Allegedly this dude walked into a Grand Rapids-area business and instead of using the restroom they provide, decided to go number two on the floor. And according to the video, he seems pretty pleased with himself!

Wally's Treasures Mall is an awesome antique and collectible shop on 28th Street.

Vendors have their own little areas where they sell everything from baseball cards to vintage toys to dishes and furniture.


On August 2, Wally's Treasures shared the disgusting incident that happened at their store:

We would love the community's help in locating this man who decided to not use our public bathroom but rather our showroom floor to go to the bathroom #2 and expose himself in our mall. We feel he did it after we nicely asked to hold his backpack up front while he shopped (we have verified on video this disgusting guest who went #2 on our floor on purpose)

Wally's shared the below photos and video.

Wally's Treasures, Facebook
Wally's Treasures, Facebook

Wally's co-owner and Mall Director Ben Herbst tells Fox 17,

He came upstairs here, to the upper floor here. Really wasn’t looking at the booths. He went up here behind me on my left side here, one around the corner, dropped his pants and he went to the bathroom on the floor, quickly pulled his pants up, adjusted a shirt, went up frontHe was smirking. He was laughing, and basically, he just grabbed his backpack and left.

According to Fox 17, Grand Rapids Police are investigating.

Do you know this guy?? Call GRPD detectives at 616-456-3380.

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