Well, this could be a nice surprise this holiday season. If you get pulled over by Walker Police or the Kent County Sheriff's office for having a headlight out, instead of a citation, you could get a gift card to fix the issue.

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The Walker Police Department shared about a new "motorist safety program" in partnership with Advance Auto Parts.

The new Advance Auto Parts recently opened on Alpine Ave. in Walker and the store donated $3,000 in gift cards to the police department, WZZM-13 reports.

The $25 cards will be used by officers during traffic stops for equipment violations, such as a driver with head lights or tail lights out, or windshield wipers not working.

Walker PD says,

Walker PD, Advance Auto, & KCSO know a lot of people have fallen on hard times lately. We also know that not everyone does a full walk around of their vehicle to ensure everything is in working order before they hit the road. We look forward to using this partnership to ensure vehicles are as safe & visible on the roadways as they can be, especially as we enter winter white out season.

We are always open to partnering with local businesses to create solutions to problems, and being this is the Christmas season, felt it was a great time to launch the effort.

Now, if you KNOW you've got something on your car that needs to be fixed that could be a danger to other drivers, like a tail light out, this is not a free pass to ignore it. But sometimes we might not be aware of issues like that, so it's nice that instead of getting a ticket and having to shell out even more money, the police are willing to work with drivers on this.

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