Sunday night, April 30th, Breaking Benjamin hit 20 Monroe Live with Red for a completely sold out show! Both bands kicked ass for the crowd, and people packed in early to see both bands. Check out video from both bands!

Red hit the stage first, with "Death of Me", and "Release the Panic" kicking off their high-energy set. The whole crowd was moving and singing along with all the songs, and the band fed off that energy. They even had everyone continue singing the chorus right from the very first song, in between that and "Release the Panic"!

Then, Breaking Benjamin hit the stage with "So Cold", "Angels Fall", and "Sooner or Later" to start. They played tons of songs that had everyone singing along, too, and then kicked into a really cool covers medley, that included "The Imperial March" from Star Wars, "Schism", "Bulls on Parade", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Walk", and "Sad But True". It was very cool.

Before the show, GRD listeners got to meet Breaking Benjamin, and had access to soundcheck, where the band joked around and asked everyone to vote on songs they were thinking about playing that night.

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