Hunters have been providing venison to charity organizations in Michigan for a long time. One charity might be able to help more families if state funding gets approved.

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Michigan's Deer Herd Can Do a Lot For Families In Need

Michigan has a lot of deer in every county in the state. With fewer and fewer hunters entering the woods those herds continue to grow. At the same time so do the needs of Michigan families struggling to make ends meet.

There are lots of charities all around Michigan that will accept processed deer from hunters to help feed families in need. Often a deer will get hit by a car and the meat can be processed or a hunter fills a doe tag to help others.

There is one Michigan charity located in Lansing that has provided nearly 5 million Michiganders with fresh venison. If they receive state funding, they will be able to help feed more people in need.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH)

The Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger headquarters is located in Lansing, Michigan. The MSAH works with sportsmen, sportswomen, and licensed wild game processors to feed the hungry in our state.

According to FOX17, Michigan representative Cam Cavitt supports helping the MSAH acquire funding for their deer program to feed the hungry. Cavitt will be taking this to other lawmakers to help acquire nearly $265,000 for refrigerated trailers, $300,000 to cover processing payments, and $30,000 to pay shipping and testing fees for tuberculosis and chronic wasting disease.

If you would like to find out how you could donate venison or money to the program click right here.

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