Most people who get into an auto accident usually are concerned if anyone is injured then the condition of the vehicle, a Michigan man just took his clothes off.

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No One Likes An Auto Accident

broken black car on road in winter; crash accident; crumpled hood

Like a lot of people, I have had a few auto accidents in my day but knock on wood because it has been many years since then. Regardless of when or if you have been involved in an automobile accident, no one likes them, and they can kill you.

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

Let's not forget your auto insurance could go up, then having to get the vehicle repaired, plus the time being without your vehicle there is just no upside to auto accidents in less you are a tow truck driver or own a body shop.

woman happy spring is came undressing

Aside from not wanting to be involved in an auto accident, what would possess someone to strip down naked after a crash?

Michigan Man Gets Naked After Auto Accident

Aleksandar Kamasi/ThinkStock/GettyStock

There is a lot more that happened in this particular auto accident than in your typical fender bender. It first started as an accident then turned into a police chase.


Fox 17 reported that a Centreville man left the scene of an accident that damaged someone's property and that is when the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department when into action.

Emergency lights at night
Alex_Schmidt /ThinkStock/GettyStock

Sheriff deputies pursued the runaway driver on M-86 where he almost hit other vehicles before finally crashing into someone's private property in Colon Township.

Face punch

Then the man jumps out of his vehicle and strips down naked. Deputies began giving the man instructions and all was well until the man decided to hit one of them in the face.

Woman in convertible with arms raised

Has anyone ever gotten out of a jam by taking their clothes off and hitting an officer? Do you really think an officer is going to say, well now that you are naked and you have hit me, I'm gonna let you go free?  I have never heard of this working out and I've been on this planet a pretty long time.

Naked Centreville Man's Charges

Young man in handcuffs
Felipe Caparr?s Cruz/ThinkStock/GettyStock

The naked Centreville man has earned himself a slew of charges listed below:

  • Fleeing and eluding
  • Assaulting an officer
  • Resisting arrest
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Indecent exposure

There has been no word on why the man took his clothes off we all know it wasn't because Michigan is warm this time of year. This whole thing would have been a lot less embarrassing and cost-effective for the man if he would have just stayed at the scene of the first accident and taken his lumps with the suspended license.

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