After seeking anonymity, the high school golfer attacked by a goose on Michigan golf course last weekend has opened up about it.

The big revelation? Getting attacked by a goose is NOT good for your golf score.

The golfer, originally identified as being from Blissfield High School was actually Isaac Couling, a 16 year old who golfs for Concord high School in southeastern Michigan.

The attack took place Saturday during a tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian.

Couling told USA Today he had just teed off at the 7th hole when he wheeled around to see a goose flying at him. "...and that's when I started sprinting."

The photos, posted to Twitter, went viral, making Couling a national celebrity.

Couling parred the hole, but was shaken up so bad, he wound up shooting a 100 for the round.

The goose was a Canadian Goose, which were nearly extinct a few years ago. the Michigan DNR does warn that the geese can be aggressive. On their web page, it says this about the birds:

Occasionally geese nest in inappropriate sites, such as in shrubbery near buildings or parking lots. They can demonstrate aggressive behavior toward people while defending their nesting territory.

Though geese can be beautiful when watching them fly in flocks, the truth is they can be a real nuisance to golfers.


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