Students who attend the University of Michigan have been asked not to return for the winter semester and switch to remote learning.

COVID-19 has spread at the campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have run rampant among students that have been living on campus.

According to MLive, a plan was released by U of M Vice President for Student Life Martino Harmon who said, "we know that asking students to leave their residence halls in the middle of the year is disappointing and disruptive, and we apologize for that. The community created within a residence hall is an important part of the college experience, but safety has to come first."

U of M have had to cancel contracts for undergraduate residents for the winter semester who live on campus. Those students will then switch to learning remotely to reduce the number of students at the campus while the coronavirus will be rising with cases throughout the winter months.

This in cases in Michigan started rising in late September and now in November cases are at the level the state was when the pandemic first hit Michigan in the spring. It cases continue to rise, the state will pass all numbers previously set during the pandemic.

Many students who have to be on campus to complete their studies will either remain in specified dorms or drive from a permanent residence.

The university plans to increase the amount of testing weekly for students and faculty but will also increase the asymptomatic testing for all members of the campus community. I really think U of M is on to something here with the asymptomatic testing. This is something I will like to see happen for all Michiganders whether they are in school or the workforce.
U of M plans to have very strict COVID-19 policies for those that must be on campus for the winter semester and will handle with a no tolerance approach that will be enforced.
According to MLIve, here is a list of some of the new winter semester rules at the university:
  • Social gatherings of three or more on campus living in residence halls will result in automatic probation.
  • Public health violations by students in quarantine or isolation housing would mean automatic termination of their University Housing contract.
  • The school will add two mid week, one day, well being breaks without any scheduled academic activities on February 24 and March 23.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services is expanding with eight additional counselors to reduce wait times and augment services.
  • Three additional paid days off during the upcoming holiday breaks for eligible faculty and staff.
  • Lounge spaces in university housing will be accessible by reservation only, dine-in options in the dining halls will not be available.
  • The university will increase its quarantine and isolation housing capacity of 600 units.

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