University of Michigan and Michigan State University football returns to the gridiron this weekend.

I'm sure fans across the state and around the country are excited about the return of Big Ten Football, I know I am.

Just because I lived out of Michigan for 18 years, didn't mean I didn't follow both U of M and MSU and I tried to watch every game possible. I worked in South Bend, Indiana, and it was always a special day when either two teams would visit to play Notre Dame.

Both teams have a shorter season this year and will only face teams in the Big Ten this season and there will be a championship game as well.

Hopefully the COVID-19 lockdown at the University of Michigan won't affect the players and coaches but I'm sure it will play a part on the fan side of things.

Michigan will start the season off with a road game against Minnesota and that will be a night game.

U of M and MSU will tangle at the Big House in Ann Arbor in week two. This being the first time the Big House will not be sold out in the stadiums history.

Michigan will close out their season in Columbus, Ohio, against the Ohio State Buckeyes. After last year's beat down from the Buckeyes, hopefully the Wolverines seek their revenge.

Michigan State University will kick their season off at home against Rutgers which has a noon start time this Saturday.

Then as mentioned earlier in week two they will venture to the empty Big House to tangle with their home state rivals U of M.

State will meet up with the Ohio State Buckeyes December 5th and this game will be on MSU's turf.

No matter who you are rooting for, it is still great that Big Ten football is back.

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