Tyler Collins made his first start in center field for the Detroit Tigers a memorable one, after he gave the finger to everyone in Comerica Park for booing him following a botched play.

During the top of the sixth inning Monday night, April 25th, in the Tigers' game against the Oakland Athletics, Collins lost track of an easy fly ball, which happens from time to time.

Tigers fans, however, would not let Collins' mistake go unnoticed, showering him with boos for missing an easy out opportunity.

Collins responded by doing one of the many things a professional athlete should never do: giving the finger to the thousands of fans in attendance. To add insult to injury, Collins also seemed to utter the words 'f*ck everybody here,' according to Deadspin, which definitely won't help the situation in the least bit.

Luckily for Collins, the Tigers went on to win the game 7-3, behind a two-home run performance by Miguel Cabrera. If they would have lost the game, things would have been much worse for the outfielder.

Following the game, Collins apologized for his actions:

There has been no mention of any discipline for Collins, though manager Brad Ausmus did state that he talked to the player immediately after the incident.

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