You would think that falling through the ice once in a week would be enough for two men but it wasn't and they had to be rescued a second time in the same week.

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I have ice fished for many years and fortunately have never fallen through the ice. I had a friend fall through once and we had to pull him out but it is something I don't wish to happen to anyone.

Two Men Get Rescued From Falling Through The Ice

Earlier in the week, two men were ice fishing on Saginaw Bay had to be rescued when the ice they were on broke free and the two began floating further away into the Bay.

The U.S. Coast Guard was called in to rescue the men but they were forced to leave their ice fishing gear behind which included their ice shanty, two snowmobiles, and a camper. Yes, they pulled a small camper out on the ice.

On one hand, the two men were rescued and safe but on the other hand, they had thousands of dollars in equipment floating in Saginaw Bay on a chunk of ice. I know it had to be hard to leave that gear behind.

Two Men Get Rescued a Second Time in One Week Falling Through The Ice

According to FOX 17, two men were rescued a second time from the icy waters of Saginaw Bay but this time it was when they were trying to get back the gear they left floating on a chunk of ice.

The two men had the idea of taking a boat out to try and get back their ice fishing gear and their snowmobiles.

According to SFGATE, the two men, 23-year-old Johnathon Doughty of Otisville, and 29-year-old Nicholas Mullins of Mount Morris took a 12-foot flat-bottom boat out to the ice floe but unfortunately for the two men the water was rough and the boat capsized.

The two men were then clinging to a piece of ice that was floating two miles from the shore for about an hour. Luckily for the two men, one of their cell phones still worked, and were able to call 911.

The U.S. Coast Guard sent out a rescue helicopter and boat to save the men. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment of mild to moderate hypothermia. Authorities said if the two men had not been wearing full-body ice fishing suits this may have turned out much worse for the two men spending an hour in icy water.

Go Fund Me Page To Save Ice Fishermen's Gear

These two fishermen are determined to get their ice fishing gear, snowmobiles, and camper back that a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for a salvage company to retrieve the items before the ice melts and it sinks to the bottom of Saginaw Bay.

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