It's safe to say that Michael Felger of Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub and CBS Boston sportswriter Michael Hurley disagree when it comes to the subject of fathers taking paternity leave.  Apparently Felger has railed against this in the past.  He doesn't feel as though fathers should take paternity leave after the birth of a child, especially professional athletes.
Recently, Felger's coworker Michael Hurley welcomed a child into the world and he will be taking some paternity leave to spend time with his family.  Felger apparently railed on Hurley on the air about taking time off and he definitely took umbrage with it.  And it all came to a head when Hurley called into Felger's radio show to confront him about it.

When the clip starts, Felger summarizes his stance on paternity leave, then welcomes Hurley in, who is immediately on the defensive.  It sure seems like Felger thought that it was a funny bit until the moment Hurley got on the phone!  Then s**t got real, real fast.  The two argued back and forth for about six minutes on topics ranging from parenting in the 21st century to summers in Nantucket.  They're insufferable.

Watch the clip below and let us know who you think comes out on top!

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