Have you ever looked at a random every day item and thought, "Man, I wish I could make a dildo out of that?" Well, you don't have to wish anymore. Now all of your weirdo sex toy wishes can come true with DildoMaker!

Basically, the DildoMaker is a pencil sharpener (can you imagine how much more hilarious school would have been if your pencil sharperners could have done this?) that can turn almost any object into a phallus. Have a random carrot hanging around? That can be a dildo! Stick of butter? A greasy, melty dildo! Wondering what do with the random sticks you pick up from your yard? You can totally make that into a dildo (but watch out for splinters)!

Created by a man named Francesco Morackini, who apparently has an affinity for dicks, the DildoMaker is "very easy to use", and he even suggests some items that you could turn into fun bedroom accessories.


I think at this point it's just a concept, but who wouldn't want a way to make their own, homemade dildo? I mean, the possibilities of random household objects you could use for your own pleasure are endless! You can make sexual aids out of all sorts of objects that should be nowhere near your vagina, like a sausage, a tree branch, a candle, and even a potato!


Good old Francesco even suggests using a candle, which would be the only time that burning sensation in your nether regions would be kind of okay.