Recently the Troy Police Department in Michigan announced they'd get a police cat if they reached 10,000 followers on Twitter... and it happened!

So now the Troy PD is on the hunt for the purrrfect police cat. This morning they held a very official press conference with 6 feline candidates.

The Troy PD are taking the cat selection process quite seriously.

At the press conference, Sergeant Meghan Lehman said,

We want to find the right cat. It's a big job. We're looking for a cat that likes people, and that can interact with the community. We've got six cats here today. We are pretty confident we'll find the right one, but if not, the other cats will be available for adoption."
So any of the cats who don't make the cut will be available for adoption at Michigan Human Society in Westland.

If you haven't been following along, the path to the Troy Police Cat has been pretty great.

Troy PD had lots of good support for wanting a police cat, including:

  • Undercover cops sometimes get found out. No one would suspect an undercover cat.
  • Studies show that 10 out of 10 people want police cats (American Association of Police Cats, 2018).
  • “Police cats are not just a passing fancy. It’s a movement that can change the world.” (Tactical Cat Association, 2018)

Aside from that, the #WeWantAPoliceCat campaign has allowed the Troy PD to connect even more with the community.

It seems like the police cat movement is catching on... The Toledo Police Department has announced a similar campaign!

Troy PD say a decision should be made by next week.

So we'll have to see which furry feline ends up Top Dog!... er, Top Cat?

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