Trivium literally destroyed singer Matt Heafy's voice at Rock on the Range this weekend.  Trivium hit the main stage with a heavy set, filled with great songs like "Brave This Storm", "Black", "Built to Fall" and more.

The news has just come out that the band has to cancel the rest of their shows for the next couple weeks so Matt can rest his throat after their ROTR performance.  Talk about giving it your all!

Bittersweet homecoming.

"My family and friends worldwide and namely in the USA, I always call for each of you to give their all — as you always do — and in turn we in TRIVIUM return the favor with everything we've got.

"As it turns out, I quite literally gave everything I could have given just yesterday at Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio.

via Blabbermouth

Check out our video of the opener, "Brave This Storm" for the ferocious performance that sidelined the band for a couple weeks!

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