With everything else happening on our streets around the country, it seems like a shame and a waste to arrest a woman for doing something happy and fun. But in Traverse City, a 23-year-old woman was arrested for non-stop move busting.

Unfortunately, she was dancing in the street during rush hour traffic on downtown Munson Avenue.

While this seems like a super dangerous thing to do in rush hour traffic, how busy is it in downtown Traverse City? I can understand New York, or Chicago, or even Grand Rapids on a busy afternoon...but Traverse City?

The police say the woman was "not acting coherent", and her blood alcohol level was .032.

Maybe she'd just had a great meal at Culver's, and was dancing with joy about her butterburger! Cut her some slack.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct, and probably continued dancing in her cell, while waiting to be bailed out. Even though her charge is a misdemeanor, they'll probably throw the book at her, and she'll get life without parole or something.

In my head, her dancing down the street looked something like this:

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