"Strong" may not be the first word that comes to mind when talking about Traverse City but so many factors make this Michigan city deserving of the title.

Strong Towns, a nonprofit media source that advocates for strong (stability and growth) American towns and neighborhoods, did a "bracket style" contest where people had to vote on which town they would like to see move forward. Towns and cities from all over the world were submitted and the "sweet 16" was chosen by Strong Town board members and contributors. From there, people voted.

The nominees had to hold the principles of being a strong town and be able to pass the "strength test." Traverse City advanced to the final two against Guelph, Ontario but in the end, Traverse City was the winner!

Strong Towns described Traverse City as:

...a town where multi-modal transportation is key, where small businesses thrive, and where natural beauty is beloved and prioritized.

They also recognized how Traverse City thrives year-round and not just during tourist season.

Traverse City is meeting challenges like providing affordable housing head-on, with new provisions for accessory dwelling units, decreasing building and parking regulations, and encouraging creative development styles.

WOOHOO!! Big props to TC and making Michigan look even better than we already do ;)

In honor of them being crowned "Strongest Town", Traverse City will receive a free Curbside Chat, copies of the organization's books, and a certificate to make it official!

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