While exploring the grounds of what was the Traverse City State Mental Hospital, a hiker stumbled across some graffiti painted on the side of one of the structures which spoke to a truth we all know. Or should know.

The hiker, who goes by SteveJB313, snapped a photo of the graffiti and posted it to Reddit, where the comments are almost as funny as the original thought, which reads (in pretty good penmanship, I might add):

True dat.

Commenters also recommend the Meijer egg salad.

My favorite comments are this exchange where someone named Mandorallyn crudely states:

F*** Meijer, I don't care how good their outsourced macaroni salad is

To which someone replied:

Yeah, it's not like it's made from scratch.

Which was topped by this mic drop:

Hey, my mom makes that salad!



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