Tool will finally return to Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Van Andel Arena.

Tool was originally scheduled to play at Van Andel Arena May 5th, 2020 but the pandemic caused the show to be postponed to the fall, then later canceled.

Maynard James Keenan of Tool was pretty quick to announce that Tool would be canceling their tour dates rather than string fans along while hanging on to their money. Keenan thought it was more important to get that money back in the hands of the fans in case they wound up needing it due to the pandemic.

Tool will be at Van Andel Arena, March 8, 2022. Tickets for Tool will go on sale this Friday, October 1.

At this point in Tool's career, the members are financially set, so technically they do not need to tour anymore. Tool is a band that is all about the music and at this point, that is why they remain touring and making music, simply for the love of both.

Tool is one of the most unique bands of our time. While most bands have their singers parading out front demanding accolades from the crown, singer Maynard James Keenan stands in back on the left side of the stage mainly in the dark most of the time. Keenan often wears wild costumes on stage. Drummer Danny Carey is positioned with his drums on the right side of the stage versus the middle where most drummers for other bands are placed.

Guitarist Adam Jones is positioned on the left side of the stage while bassist Justin Chancellor is poised on the right side of the stage.

Most of the time, all four members remain in those places the entire show. That doesn't mean this is a boring show by any means. Similar to Pink Floyd, Tool relies on the music and the theatrics around them to do the talking.

Guitarist Adam Jones is an excellent video editor and puts together amazing visuals for the video screens. Their light show creates an environment that compliments the music while somewhat assisting in the video visual experience at the same time.

The Tool show that is coming to Van Andel Arena is a new show, so if you had previously won tickets to the show that was canceled, unfortunately, those tickets are no good.

If you want to win free tickets, be listening to Janna and Tommy all this week to win.

Here is a full Tool show at Van Andel Arena from 2001 that was two days after the 9/11 show that was postponed due to the terrorist attacks:

Here is a full Tool from Kalamazoo from 2002:

Tool performing the Pot in Detroit 2019:

This is Tool performing Stinkfist at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit in 2019:

Here's another full show from Tool performed in Colorado in 2019, this show has multiple camera angles:

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