Today is one of our most favorite days of the year, it's the annual Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-Ins. Traditionally this is when with the help of accomplices, we break into the home some locals families, and leave them a Christmas that they other wise would not have.

Things are obviously different this year, but the show will definitely go on (so to speak). Unfortunately we are not able to go inside the chosen families' homes this year - but we are still bringing them one hell of a Christmas. This year is our biggest haul to date in terms of presents for a family. It was all made possible by the amazing folks at Serra Honda Grandville.

Every year we do this, without fail there are people that step up and want to contribute out of their own pockets.

In addition to the break ins that we normally hear, this year Janna and Tommy will also be doing break ins.

Merry Christmas.

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