Nothing More has a new album coming out, plus they are coming to Grand Rapids at the Upheaval Festival. Tommy has a conversation with Jonny Hawkins about both.

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Nothing More

Tommy Carroll/TSM
Tommy Carroll/TSM

Nothing More is a band from San Antonio, Texas. Singer Jonny Hawkins was actually the drummer in the band when they formed in 2003 with guitarist Mark Vollelunga. Hawkins and Vollelunga have been friends since 7th grade.

Naomi Galai/Getty Images
Naomi Galai/Getty Images

Most people know of Nothing More when their self-titled album came out in 2014 with the first single "This Is the Time (Ballast)."

Nothing More went on to release Mr. MTV, Jenny, and Here's to the Heartache from their self-titled album.

Nothing More then released their album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves." The first single from the album was "Go To War" as seen in the video above. The band released two more singles, "Do You Really Want It" and "Just Say When" from the album.

Nothing More was nominated for three Grammy Awards. The Grammy Award nominations were for Best Rock Album for "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" and Best Song and Best Rock Performance for "Go To War".

Nothing More New Album 2022

Nothing More will release a new album sometime in late 2022. You can the album name and next single info in the interview that is further down in the article.

Nothing More released a fan track called "Turn It Up Like" which is the video above. The video provides a good look at the band live but also gives you an idea of what the new album will sound like.

"Tired of Winning" is the new single from Nothing More. As you can see and hear for yourself this is another great song from the band.

When is Nothing More Coming to Michigan?

Nothing More will be coming to Belknap Park in Grand Rapids for the Upheaval Festival on the second day of the festival July 16.

Nothing More has an incredible stage show that features the "Bassinator" as seen above and the "Drumtron" as seen below during a live version of "Turn It Up Like".

Tommy Carroll Chats With Nothing More Singer Jonny Hawkins

In the interview, Jonny talks about what happened that led to Asking Alexandria having to pull out from the current tour. The two talk about the internet, the live show, new music, the name of the new album, and when you can expect it to come out, plus Jonny's days of drumming before singing for Nothing More. Jonny shares a heartfelt story about his mom and a certain song the band will never play live.

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