Hour 1

Free Beer, Zane and Producer Joe were broadcasting live from Nashville this morning, so the first hour of the show was best-of. The segments played included IKB's phone skills, Producer Joe's super sad story and How did you go psycho.

Hour 2

We started the live Nashville broadcast with technical problems, of course. Hot Wings' headphones didn't work for the first 10 minutes or so. On the flight down to Nashville yesterday, Free Beer unfortunately had to set next to a really chatty woman on the plane. For the entire flight, she described this futuristic device that she had that could do all kinds of tasks like send email, browse the web and play games. What was this hot new piece of technology? She referred to it as the iPod Finger. We once again ran in to Mike Hunt in the airport in Nashville. Zane went up and talked to him and told him that he had heard about him on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. Mike Hunt said he had as well! We played the audio of the dude who was freaking out about a tornado that really never even touched down. We compared his excitement to that of Bear the Double Rainbow guy. You can see that in the Video Reel.

Hour 3

Early on the show, we talked to one of our favorite actors from one of our favorite shows, Danny McBride from Eastbound and Down. If you missed it, you can hear it on the Interviews page. A masseuse in NJ is in a bit of trouble because of a recent complaint from a client. The female client is pissed because she thought the male masseuse was gay, yet never confirmed it, and she allowed him to massage her cans. Do you think she has a case? An article came out recently that gave the top five tips on how not to be sexist in the office. Some of the things on this list were absolutely ridiculous and we had a great deal of fun with it. We took a bunch of calls from women about how they were sexually harassed in the office.

Hour 4

During the break, we got a great call from a listener about the previous topic. She said that every time she would take off her sweater and leave it at her desk at work, some dude would come buy and use it as a spank rag. What the hell?! During the FBHW Report, we played the audio of the Freudian slip from a chef on the news, as well as the audio of Chris Brown apologizing about flipping out after his interview with Robin Roberts a few days ago. Producer Joe was out at a donut shop in Nashville for another stunt this morning, insisting to people that their voice voices made him really horny. You can hear that on the Show Clips page. It's a winner!

Hour 5

Our hypnotist friend Rich Guzzi was back on the show with us this morning. You may remember him from when he hypnotized our intern Butthead Lautner last summer. He once again managed to hypnotize a bunch of people from the studio audience and make them do and say all sorts of crazy stuff. Late in the show, we talked to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about a variety of topics including the NCAA tournament and the television show he is on, Shark Tank. Check it out on the Interviews page if you missed it. We closed the show with some more hypnosis of studio audience members from Rich Guzzi. Check the Videos page later in the weekend for the video of this! Talk to you Monday morning