There are happy clowns. There are sad clowns. And then, there are clowns who are so evil they want to reap their revenge on unsuspecting victims.

One look at Tinkles the Clown should tell you which he is. He rounded up a gruesome group of freaks and transformed The Haunt into his personal playground of terror and tears inspired by his own his sordid, violent past:

Echoes of the Past at Dark Manor: Playing Hide and Seek in Tinkles' childhood home just doesn't end well. The screams of his earliest victims still echo through the halls and, as you try to escape alive, these lost souls might abandon their hiding holes to pursue you...

A New Generation at Vox Sanitarium: Tinkles returns to the crazy asylum where he spent much of his adolescence — but now, it's not just the staff experimenting on the patients. Can you get out before Tinkles admits you and your friends for a "special project?"

The Family Home — Condemned: Noises still come from the old Immortuos Manikin Factory, where Tinkles and his family live among the turning gears, rusting metal and exposed wires. The building is condemned as a public safety hazard, but it's not the most dangerous part of the property.

Beware the Noises Out Back: The swamps behind the Immortuos Manikin Factory are more toxic sludge than organic material and the growls and snarls are only getting louder. Step quickly through the shacks and graveyards in the backwoods; you never know what lurks in the shadows. Luckily, Tinkles’ is looking for a new pet.

Sinister Circus: Step right up and enter the Tinkles Family Circus. Win a prize at one of the midway games, or enjoy a snack at one of the food booths. The big top is filled with freaks ready to entertain your darkest desires. Enter the fun house at your own risk; there is no telling who occupies the winding halls. Tinkles never wants you to leave the greatest show on earth.

The Haunt

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