Today on Segment 16, the guys listen to the play-by-play segment from the Tigers game, where a player was showing a lot of emotion and getting ejected from the game. While all this is going on, the commentators are showing absolutely NO emotion about something crazy going on. The guy took off his jersey and covered the plate with it, and nothing.

Like Joe said, they go crazy if there's a cat on the field, or a kid is eating ice cream, and nothing for this?

Then the guys share a story about Rob Bliss filing a lawsuit against someone who owes him money, which triggered a look into Rob owing the city of GR $11,000. The city and Rob say the debt was paid for with nine 30 second videos, but a local award-winning production company has a different opinion of the quality of these videos.

Are they REALLY worth $11,000?

If Free Beer Krueger thinks he can produce a video of the same quality as the ones they're watching, maybe there has been some scamming going on...

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