Thursday night, Periphery hit the Intersection with more great metal bands for a heavy and technical night of music. The crowd was moshing, headbanging, and singing along with the crazy music all night. Great show at the Intersection.

Toothgrinder and Chon kicked off the night, and unfortunately, I missed them, since I didn't get out of work until just before UK band SikTh hit the stage. Another great band, and on tour here for the first time in the US!

Then, about 9:30, Periphery hit the stage with "Scarlet", and didn't let up on the energy for the rest of the night. The guys moved around a lot, had fun with each other on stage, and with the crowd, high-fiving crowd surfers, and messing with each other during songs. They are obviously having a great time on tour, even missing Nolly on stage with them.

Their bass player Nolly has retired from touring, as he does a lot of production work, and wanted to stop hitting the road. The sound was still huge on stage, and the three guitar players switch parts and play complex riffs with crazy dexterity.

Check out "Scarlet" and "Marigold" below, and their crushers "Make Total Destroy", and "The Price is Wrong" above.

Great show, next time they come through town, make sure to go check them out!

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