Three bars in West Michigans have been operating without a liquor license for ignoring rules and safety that were in place for coronavirus.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) issued the emergency suspensions on the following bars:

  • Wright Tavern in Conklin (Wright Twp.)
  • Flamingo Lounge in Grand Rapids
  • Odyssey Entertainment in Muskegon Heights

The MLCC says the bars mentioned all ignored the Governor's executive orders by failing to require social distancing, face masks, and failing to stop customers from congregating.

The Commission’s legal responsibility and priority is to enforce the governor’s Executive Orders, along with the state Liquor Code and Administrative Rules, to protect public health and safety, and to save lives.

In addition to following executive orders, businesses must comply with local ordinances in regards to COVID-19.

According to the release from the MLCC, the gentleman's club, Odyssey Entertainment already appeared in court and settled on fines totaling $750 plus a 14-day suspension, which has now ended.

A hearing was scheduled for today (21st) for Wright Tavern and Flamingo Lounge has theirs on the 25th to determine whether the suspension should continue or other penalties should be enacted.

If you happen to see or know an establishment that is not in compliance, you can submit an anonymous complaint with the MLCC by calling (866) 893.2121 or online.

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I went to the Facebook pages of the businesses mentioned above to see on any updates and Flamingo Lounge says their license was suspended on the 16th as a result of a party they held in their parking lot.

Wright Tavern did not provide an update while Odyssey excitedly posted that they're back open.

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