As more areas around the country ban or charge fees for the use of plastic bags, one county in Michigan banned plastic bags, but then Michigan banned the ban of bags.

Now, there's new legislation that would allow the ban to be decided locally.

Bag the Ban reports that Washtenaw County, which includes Ann Arbor, banned plastic bags on April 22, 2017, but the State of Michigan banned local bans of plastic bags before the county ban on bags could take place.

Got it?

Washtenaw County also passed a 10-cent fee on reusable bags.

Washtenaw County is the only place in Michigan to pass such a ban, but more places could follow if state law changes to allow the practice.

The policy is increasingly popular along the Pacific Coast, but only a few places in the Midwest currently ban plastic bags.

Earlier this year, House Bill 4500 was introduced by Rep. Robert Wittenberg. Great Lakes Now reports that Wittenberg said, "We aren’t trying to ban plastic bags. We aren’t trying to force any regulations on anyone in fact. We just want local municipalities to be able to decide for themselves."

It's the classic we-want-local-control argument that both sides of partisan debates use or argue against at their convenience.

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