Michigan just became the first state in the midwest to legalize recreational marijuana with 55% of residents voting 'YES' 

That's still pretty close and below you can see a map of how Michiganders voted on Prop 1 and the amount of people who voted 'yes' and 'no' by county.

As shown, the Yoopers weren't too crazy about the idea with the majority of the U.P. counties covered in red. Which if you ask me is a little surprising because who wouldn't want to enjoy the natural beauty of up north without feeling a little up themselves? Plus, how else do they get through the long and cold winters there?

Below the bridge is another story with lots of green (no pun intended) on the map, especially on the Eastside of the state. West Michigan saw a mixture of both with Kent, Ionia, Barry, Muskegon, Montcalm, Kalamazoo & Van Buren counties all in favor. Just like the Yoopers though, the folks living in the thumb part of the state pass on grass.

No matter what your feelings are on the matter, here are 10 things you need to know now that pot is legal in the mitten state.

And just in case you were wondering, Grand Rapids loves weed :)

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