Michigan's legalization of Marijuana has brought a lot of change since it's start in 2018. Not only has it brought in millions of dollars of revenue for the state, it's also created jobs and helped lower crime in various areas.

David McNew
David McNew

And that movement is growing more every day. It feels like anytime you drive down the road in most Michigan cities, you see a new dispensary you didn't see the last time you passed through. And while, only one chain has announced closing locations, it seems like that boom is still growing.

According to state data, Michigan had it's biggest month yet for legal marijuana in July 2022.

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How much money has Michigan made off of marijuana?

According to data that is currently available in all of 2021, Michigan sold $1.3 billion worth of marijuana sales for adult-use and $481 million of medical cannabis.

What does Michigan do with the tax revenue raised from these sales?

There are several big wins that Michigan has gotten thanks to the tax money generated from marijuana sales.

Earlier this year, Michigan announced that for every dispensary a city has, the city will receive revenue to better their communities and roads.

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas
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There have also been several grants given lately to universities in the area to help study the use of medical marijuana to treat PTSD in veterans. This hopefully will allow future innovations in helping with the legitimateness of using marijuana versus more addictive medications with sometimes harsher side effects than what is currently on the market.

So if you're curious about how your city and neighbors feel about legal marijuana, the sales don't lie. Plus, this could also be an indicator of Michigan's tourism finally opening up more post pandemic, which is fantastic news. (That, we won't be able to tell until later in the year)

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Either way, relax and enjoy. It seems that marijuana and it's (mostly) positive effects are here to stay.

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