There's a lot that goes into a GWAR show, and thanks to a trailer for the new documentary, This Is GWAR, you get a peek at the band's inner workings, revealing how this marvelously over-the-top theatric group of alien creatures came to become required viewing for all metalheads. The film, which first premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, has now been picked up by Shudder, AMC's premium streaming service, and will be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as of July 21.

In addition to featuring the band members, both in and out of costume, the film delves into the band's brushes with fame over the years, though ultimately keeping up the gig for the artistic fun of it all. The trailer also offers a glimpse at some of the artwork, character creation and attention to production detail that goes into putting on a GWAR show.

Now active for over 30 years, the film features members both past and present along with a wealth of notable musicians and celebs speaking on the band's history. They include Weird Al Yankovic, Thomas Lennon, Alex Winter, Bam Margera and Ethan Embry. Plus, you can expect to see never before seen footage of the late Dave Brockie as the legendary Oderus Urungus.


Of the new streaming deal for the documentary, Shudder general manager Craig Engler stated, "For more than three decades, GWAR has set the standard for heavy metal horror with larger-than-life personas and gore-filled stage shows that were unlike anything anyone had ever seen. But even their most ardent fans have never seen them like this, as the band and director Scott Barber reveal in moving detail the literal blood, sweat and tears that have made GWAR the true legends they are today."

Added the band in a statement, "GWAR is founded on horror, humor, and heavy metal. Of course, we love Shudder! It's our favorite. Every movie is like a home movie for us. Are you kidding me?? Monsters, demons, the undead, dinosaurs? Those are our people! GWAR and Shudder. Two terrifying tastes that taste terrifying together."

Get a closer look at This Is GWAR, directed by Scott Barber, in the trailer below.

This Is GWAR Trailer

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