What does setting up for a GWAR show actually look like? Let's go behind the scenes and find out in this exclusive bonus clip from the new documentary, This Is GWAR.

The documentary explores the true history of GWAR, from the band's formative stages as a raw punk band to where the worlds of film and music collided to create a unique vision for a band unlike any other on this planet or any other planet.

The band's music and blood-soaked stage shows have been at the forefront of the public's idea of what GWAR is at heart, but working tireless behind what we've all witnessed onstage is an art collective that designs the countless props that are routinely dismembered and reassembled night after night in some really innovative ways.

This art collective is not only tasked with prop and costume fabrication, but many of them double as road crew members, who then play different characters onstage.

"A typical GWAR show, it's a big production... We usually start around 11 [in the morning] and we start with carpet [covering the stage floor] and backdrops. We throw all of those down then we roll all of our gear in, we set up, we get ready for [CO2] tanks to come in, giant monsters to come in, backline to come in, drums to come in...," says GWAR artist (GWARtist?) Matt Maguire, who doubles as Sawborg Destructo and other characters, in the video below.

"These are the blood tanks and they're just filled with water and a powdered industrial food dye — two reds and a green. And they're hooked up to the compressor with the hose that runs from the compressor to the tanks, which keeps the blood pressurized. Then we have the hose that comes from the tank to the costume. Each costume has a hose that runs to whatever injury or wound that they have," explains another roadie.

Now you can start to begin to really get a sense of the chaos during the show and how meticulously organized everything needs to be to keep all the stunts and special appearances rolling without any hiccups. Just imagine doing this 30 or 40 times on one tour... does it sound fun? It probably does if it means you get to soak fans in bloody each night!

Watch the full video clip below.

Look for This Is GWAR to be released on VOD, Digital, DVD and Blu-Ray on Oct. 25th. Pre-order your copy here. Head to this location to get GWAR's new album, The New Dark Ages and, for tickets to their current North American tour (ending Nov. 3), go here.

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