Ok, aspiring young kidnappers out there listen up, this ones for you! I was killing beers at a bar a week or two ago and a couple of dudes from New York I was talking to told me about this one. It’s about a New York couple named Robert Jemmotte and Tamika Atanda who were arrested recently for kidnapping Roberts best friends wife.

Seems Robert’s buddy Darrin had borrowed $130 dollars from Robert and didn’t pay him back in time. So Robert and Tamika went to Darrin’s house, knocked on the door and when his wife Michelle answered the door, they grabbed her, tied her hands and feet with duct tape, shoved a gag in her mouth and tossed her inside the back seat of their car. Then they took a picture of her tied up and gagged with their cell phone and sent it to Darrin, and told him if he ever wanted to see his wife again, he would need pay up the $130 dollars they were owed! Hahaha!

You can’t kidnap someone for $130 bucks! So the story goes on and as they were driving the getaway car back to the hideout, (because that’s where kidnappers take their victims right? The hideout?) But on the way to the hideout, Robert and Tamika decided they were hungry, so they pulled into a deli parking lot and went inside to get something to eat and they just left Michelle tied up and gagged in the backseat, because, well, she was tied up and gagged right? A couple minutes later a cop car pulls into right next to the $130 kidnapper’s car, sees Michelle tied up and gagged, and that was pretty much the end of the kidnapping.

So, .aspiring young kidnappers out there, what have we learned so far? Well, first you don’t kidnap anyone for less than a $ million ransom, and certainly not for $130! And second, kidnappers always use a VAN, not a car! That way when a cop pulls in next to you in a deli parking lot, he can’t see the victim tied up and gagged in the backseat! Come on! What a bunch of dumb ass kidnappers!

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