These Bostonians were living the Boston sports fan's ultimate dream when they something super important to the Red Sox in the street and just want a little sweet reciprocation for its return! 

Louie Iacuzzi was driving down the highway with his buddy and noticed a ton of "cahs" swerving around something.

They stopped, Iacuzzi crossed three lanes of traffic and realized it was the Red Sox's 2018 AL East Championship banner that was on its way in case they clinch the title!

Iacuzzi and his buddy decided to be good people and give it back but with a little extra kickback from the team! Honestly, can't blame him!

As of last night, the banner was returned after the pair was accused of being the ones to steal it and Iacuzzi received nothing in exchange.

We gave Louie a call and he declined to chat on-air because he feels the media has the story flipped and says he hand-delivered the banner back to Fenway Park yesterday.

Source: Deadspin / Boston Globe

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