Most people know The Electric Forest for its popular music festival which features Electronic Dance Music. But now we found out the venue is literally...ELECTRIC!!

Tom Wall of the band Cosmic Know has been experimenting with deriving electricity to power his guitar amp from plants. But he has never tapped into the electricity produced by trees before, so he headed up to Rothbury, home of the Electric Forest Music Fest to demonstrate that the pine trees in the forest really are electric.

This video was recorded as the sun went down on the first day of winter Dec. 22nd 2019. It was the first experiment playing with a plant, or tree of any sort that was planted in a natural environment. All of the other experiments so far have been done with potted plants, or trees. In a natural environment, the trees are all connected through an underground network of fungal hyphae and bacteria. Needless to say, we were excited to hear what Electric Forest would play, if it had a chance. I wrote an article on plants and their relationship with sound in 2018. Who knew I would be playing music with them a year later.


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